Reasons To Choose Us

reasons to choose us


We believe that Xylitol is the best healthy alternative to table spoon sugar there is today for a number of reasons.
By just choosing XYLITOL and not other sugar replacements, you will also get some unique benefits. Our aim is to bring you the best product at the most affordable price anywhere in South Africa. Our product is also GMO free which truly puts us above the rest. Here is why we believe we are tops:


tick Best Quality and Price
All our products have been carefully sourced and selected to bring you the best quality Xylitol at the most affordable price!


tick GMO free!
All our Xylitol is GMO(genetically modified) free and carries a ‘non-GMO Identity Preserved Compliance Verification’ certificate.


tick Education is key
Education plays a big role in understanding the beneficial role of xylitol in our DIETS today. We strongly believe that a good understanding is necessary about the benefits of xylitol, even before purchasing it. We are therefore committed to provide the necessary information and tools to lay a new foundation on how to replace sugar with xylitol in our every day life.


tick DENTAL benefits maximized!
The  dental benefits of xylitol are very important to us and we place great emphasis on educating you in the role of xylitol and dental health. We help you understand how xylitol plays a crucial role in combating tooth decay. The frequency, amount and time of consumption are crucial in maximizing & utilizing dental benefits.


tick Dental Sugar
Our ‘DENTAL SUGAR’ packaging is aimed at helping dental patients combating tooth decay. Our dental education is aimed at equipping you to learn the science behind tooth decay and how you can prevent getting cavities ever again!


tick We love our children
Studies have shown that a little xylitol a day for pregnant moms combined with brushing your infant & children’s teeth with xylitol can decrease cavity formation by over 85%! This is powerful information and be sure to discuss the role of xylitol with your pediatric or preventative holistic dentist.


tick We help you getting off table SUGAR
Once you understand the toxic ability of table sugar, you will see that xylitol is the best sugar replacement to combat all the negative effects of sugar.


tick Monthly competitions
Becoming a member of gives you full access to our monthly draw to win big prizes! We give away some of our products monthly SO SIGN UP HERE to qualify.


tick Monthly free newsletter
Sign up to become a member and you also get our frequent newsbites to learn more about xylitol.


tick We sell directly ONLINE…
Our products are available directly online at wholesale prices. A variety of distributors are stocking our product and you can find them here. 


 tick The Tim Noakes HCLF diet
Xylitol aids greatly in helping you to get off table sugar to live healthier
and leaner lives! It is best to go without sugar, but if you have to have that sweet taste, xylitol is one of the best replacements recommended in the new BANTING High Carb Low Fat diet.






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