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We at Myxylitol are passionate about XYLITOL and the overwhelming HEALH and DENTAL benefits!
Since the latest research & evidence points to SUGAR as the enemy that is causing havoc in our modern day diets, we had to find a reliable replacement. As an alternative to sugar, XYLITOL has no competitors!

As per ‘The New Zealand Herald’ the case for the prosecution is long on allegations about sugar: that it is “addictive” and “toxic”, that it contributes significantly to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dental decay, cardiovascular disease, hyperactivity, something called “metabolic syndrome” and – most damning of all – the global obesity epidemic.
Look at the evidence, says the prosecution. There is more sugar in our food than ever before – not just confectionary, one anti-sugar researcher claims 80 per cent of all of America’s processed food contains sugar – and there are more obese people in the world than ever before, in fact the number has doubled in less than three decades. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there were, in 2008, 1.5 billion overweight adults and around 400 million who were obese. WHO expects these numbers to rise to 2.3 billion and 700 million by 2015. There are now, can you believe it, 30 per cent more obese people in the world than those who are undernourished.

With all this in mind, we had to find a way to make xylitol more available and affordable to everyone! We pride ourselves in bringing you the best prices for top quality GMO free xylitol!

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