Xylitol for Kids



Babies, toddlers and children absolutely love sugar! All of us have been there and we know that a child will almost do anything to get their hands on that next sweetie. No wonder adults often bribe their children with sweets, but the truth is, we all love sugar!
Sugar has been seen as innocent for decades and you only have to walk past ice-cream parlors or grocery-aisles to see how people queue up to get their next ‘fix’. All in the name of good  clean ‘fun’!
Sugar is the innocent legal drug that is given to children by their parents without knowing the devastated consequences it might have on their lives!

The solution is to go sugar-free, but this is not that easy.  Second best is to slowly wean the child or yourself from sugar and to use xylitol in small quantities as a replacement.
Giving your children xylitol instead of sugar has also other benefits. A good idea is to use Dental Sugar™ in water to make ‘sugar’ water, in baking and even for brushing their teeth.


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