Benefits of Xylitol


tick Dietary Benefits
Xylitol contains 40% less calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates than sugar. This creates an enormous weight loss benefit.
tick Dental Benefits
a) Xylitol inhibits plaque accumulation & re-growth by up to 50%
b) ‘Xylitol-plaque’ is easier to remove off teeth as the xylitol inhibits the stickiness (adhering abilities) of the plaque bacteria.
c) Xylitol is taken up by bacteria for fuel, but they cannot metabolize it to form acid. This leads to an increase in the saliva pH. Teeth can only start to dissolve(demineralize) in an acidic environment to form tooth decay.
d) Xylitol stimulates saliva production that further increase the pH. Best to use xylitol 3- 5 times per day (at least after meals) for maximum dental benefits.
The total consumption must be at least 6-8 grams (1,5 – 2 teaspoons) / day. Smaller amounts will not effectively change the pathological plaque bacteria.
tick Reduce Middle Ear Infections
As little as 8 grams of Xylitol taken orally/ daily will prevent ear infections by up to 40%. This is mainly due to the reduction in the stickiness of bacteria that will prevent grouping and bigger numbers.
tick Reduce Nasal Infections
Xylitol blocks the attachment of infection-causing bacteria in the nose.
Nasal sprays containing xylitol reduce nasal and respiratory infections by preventing these bacteria from sticking to the passages.
tick Xylitol further inhibits Candida Albicans and other harmful bacteria such as Helicobacter Pylori that play a role in Gum Disease, Bad Breath and Gastric ulcers/cancers.
tick Helps Stabilize Hormonal Imbalance
tick Positive Role In Osteoporosis
Xylitol creates a more alkaline environment that leads to an increase in Calcium absorption in the stomach.
tick Stabilizes Insulin levels
With a low GI of 7 (Sugar = 100), Xylitol prevents the spiking of insulin levels in the blood. This leads to more balanced insulin concentrations with tremendous health benefits.
tick Great taste
Xylitol tastes just like sugar without any unpleasant after taste.

However, like all products side effects also exists and the following is worth noting:
Xylitol is best taken in small quantities(6-8 grams daily) , as larger quantities can cause gastro-irritation that can have a laxative effect.
This is due to the fact that xylitol is not absorbed 100% and thus partly removed by the gut. This effect will decrease as the body adapts.
CAUTION:  Dogs and other house animals should not consume xylitol as they lack the enzyme that aids in metabolizing it. This could potentially kill these animals.



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