GMO-FREE Xylitol

GMO free







GMO or GM food refers to Genetically modified food that is nowadays almost hard to avoid.
GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been altered artificially in a lab to be used for the claimed potential benefits.
Unfortunately this type of ‘genetic engineering’ creates unstable combinations of bacterial, animal and viral genes that are not normally present in nature. Foods that are produced from these organisms are unstable and introduce new health risks for consumers.

Advantages of GMO programs are farming of crops, soybeans and corn that are produced to be more resistant to pathogens and herbicides and thus make production of these foods financially more productive for the farmer and produce better nutrient profiles.
While there is general scientific agreement that foods produced from these GMOs is not inherently riskier to human life than normal conventional food, there are many controversies regarding this issue. This lead to the preventative understanding that if possible try to avoid these GMO foods.

No long-term studies are available and chronic illnesses are a real possibility.

GMO-free Xylitol
Many of our day to day foods like bread, meat, milk and chicken are in some way exposed to genetically engineering. It will be hard to find those super sized strawberries or succulent yellow bananas without somewhere along the production chain been tampered with.
At myxylitol we went to great lengths to source suppliers that carries the ‘NON-GMO PRODUCT’ seal of approval. This means that the production of this type of xylitol carries limited or zero exposure to these potentially harmful processes and chemicals. This is of great importance to us to bring you the best quality product for long-term health.

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